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Next-gen Divekick becomes Divekick: Addition Edition

Divekick is on the verge of releasing a major balance patch that will turn the game into Divekick: Addition Edition, which will update the PC, PS3, and Vita versions shortly before the game releases on PS4 and Xbox One.


Divekick has been taking the fighting game world by storm, with its unique two-button take on traditional fighters. Iron Galaxy isn't quite finished with its face-kicking tour de force, as they're still hard at work on the Xbox One and PS4 versions, which will feature the re-branded title, Divekick: Addition Edition. This update to Divekick will introduce some major balance changes and new features, with current Divekick owners on PC, PS3, and Vita set to upgrade first at no extra charge.

Iron Galaxy took to their Twitch channel to announce Divekick's upcoming plans. The Xbox One and PS4 versions will feature unspecified console-specific features, as well as at least one new stage and one new character. Given that the team has 30 potential character designs on the table, there's a good chance that this number could grow. The developer notes that there will be no cross-buy enabled, but current Divekick owners will receive this same new content in a future patch for free.

Iron Galaxy says that Divekick: Addition Edition is expected to hit current editions of Divekick shortly after the SoCal Regionals tournament at the end of this month, making a March deployment likely. While no dates have been given, the studio says that Xbox One and PS4 versions will arrive soon after the current versions transition to Addition Edition.

Check out the full change list over on the Divekick forums.

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