Steam launches new real-time and weekly charts

The new Steam Charts section will let users track top selling and most played games weekly, monthly, and in real time.


If you enjoy tracking stats for games published on Steam, you’ll undoubtedly be intrigued to hear that a brand new Steam Charts section has launched. As shared in an announcement post regarding Steam Charts, it will replace the older “stats” page on Steam and will offer up information regarding things like top selling and most played games on the platform. Steam Charts will have weekly and monthly overviews, along with real-time information.

The announcement post goes on to outline what users can look forward to with Steam Charts even further, such as how it’ll provide a quick summary of games that are selling well, how many users are online, along with links to the Steam Hardware Survey, Download Stats, and Customer Support Stats.

Steam Charts page showing players online and top selling games.
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Steam isn’t phasing out its “Top Sellers” section entirely either despite the launch of Steam Charts as it’s noted that you’ll still be able to find top seller information by visiting any tag or genre page “or simply going to the search page on Steam and sorting by top sellers.”

Steam Charts will have a lot more information than what its Top Sellers section previously offered though, so if you’re looking for details like number of weeks on chart, weekly changes in rank, regional differences, total revenue, and more, Steam Charts has you covered. Even if a game is no longer available on Steam, Steam Charts will keep historical data including weekly and monthly charts, with Steam Charts also being able to display games that aren’t available in your country, or that you’ve filtered out of your preferences.

For more on Steam Charts, be sure to read through the full announcement post on what it is, and the information it has on offer. And for more on Steam, be sure to read through some of our previous coverage including how Steam Deck Q4 2022 invitations are beginning to be sent out, and how Valve is no longer allowing review scores and text in Steam images.

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