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Valve won't allow review scores or text in Steam images starting September 1

You'll see fewer review scores and other associated text in graphical assets on Steam thanks to new guideline changes from Valve.


While browsing through a game’s page on Steam you may notice that some of the images reference review scores or quotes, though this will soon change as Valve is updating its guidelines in regards to what can and cannot be included in graphical asset images.

In a blog post, Valve explains that these additions of text and review scores to graphical assets are creating, “a confusing and sometimes even inaccurate experience for customers.”

Elaborating further, Valve points to most of the text being in English which isolates those who do not speak English, and that sometimes game logos have become small in images that it makes it difficult for players to read them.

Example provided by Valve of what's no longer accepted in Steam assets including review scores, review text, and sale news such as being 90 percent off.
© Valve

Valve goes on in the blog post to lament that they understand developers want to communicate with players about the quality of their games before pointing out that Steam, “already has spaces on game store pages to present most of this information.”

For example, there are sections for press review scores and quotes, as well as a space to display special awards that a game has received. And to help make everything even clearer, Valve shared a full overview of the new guidelines regarding graphical asset images in their blog post, including the following bulleted list:

  • No review scores of any kind, including Steam reviews or external news sources
  • No award names, symbols, or logos
  • No discount marketing copy (eg. no "On Sale Now" or "Up to 90% off" text)
  • No text or imagery promoting a different product. This includes no marketing of sequels or other titles in the same franchise.
  • No other miscellaneous text.
Shows an example from Valve of an accepted Steam asset which has no review scores or text, also includes the paragraph about the rules going into effect September 1.
© Valve

The post ends by reminding developers that these guidelines go into effect as of September 1, 2022 and for those that don’t adjust their images based on these rules, there will be consequences. Namely, “Any game not adhering to these rules may have limits to visibility within the Steam store and will be ineligible for featuring in official Steam sales and events.”

For more on Valve’s new guidelines regarding image assets, check out the full blog post on Steam. To stay up-to-date on other Steam news, be sure to read through some of our previous coverage including how Steam added support for Switch NES, SNES, N64, and SEGA Genesis controllers.

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