Nintendo ending Facebook & Twitter account login support in October

You'll no longer be able to sign in to your Nintendo Account using your linked Facebook or Twitter accounts starting October 25.


Nintendo had some bad news to share today for people who use their linked Facebook or Twitter accounts to sign in to their Nintendo Account, as it’ll no longer be possible to do this starting on October 25. After October 25, you’ll be required to use the email address or username associated with your Nintendo Account in order to sign in.

Not only will you no longer be able to sign in using your Facebook and Twitter accounts, you also won’t be able to participate in My Nintendo missions tied to linking your Nintendo Account to your Facebook or Twitter account in order to earn My Nintendo Points after October 25. As such, it might be worthwhile knocking those My Nintendo missions out while you still can.

With that being said, it’s nice to hear that you’ll still be able to do things like sign in or create a new Nintendo Account using your Google or Apple accounts. Nintendo also shared instructions on signing in after October 25 using your Nintendo Account email address, or Sign-In ID, and password. Note the password will need to be the one for your Nintendo Account specifically, not your Facebook or Twitter password (unless they’re the same, of course).

Image of the Nintendo Account sign in page edited to show red lines through the Facebook and Twitter sign in options, reflecting they'll no longer be available starting October 25.
You won't be able to sign in to your Nintendo Account using your Facebook or Twitter accounts starting October 25.

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For more on signing into your Nintendo Account after October 25, be sure to read through the information shared by Nintendo on its support site. Now that you’re caught up with Nintendo’s upcoming changes tied to singing into your Nintendo Account, we’re curious to hear your thoughts. Are you someone who prefers using Facebook or Twitter to sign in? Let us know in Chatty!

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