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MultiVersus' Store & Guild features are 'a little bit out' as team prioritizes stability

Director Tony Huynh said the team is focusing on core systems and bug fixes, and an upcoming patch will be one of the biggest yet.

MultiVersus may still be in open beta, but the game continues to grow exponentially week by week with new updates and content. There are a lot of things left for Player First Games to implement on the way to a Version 1.0 release, but the Store and Guild features aren’t going to be making it into the game in any short order. Director Tony Huynh says there are other priorities ahead of those features and they’ll make for a huge upcoming patch.

Huynh spoke to the topics of Store and Guild features in MultiVersus in response to a question on Twitter on August 29, 2022. When asked when these features might be implemented, Huynh claimed that they’re “a little bit out” as the team focuses on other things. What’s more, Huynh promised that an upcoming patch next week will be one of the biggest updates to the game so far.

Our main focus is still core systems, stability, and bug fixes,” Tony Huynh explained. “The patch next week will be one of our biggest ones yet, which adds a lot of cool things. We're getting closer every day.”

MultiVersus game director Tony Huynh explains that Store and Guild features are still on the backburner as bug fixes and core game systems take priority. He also promises the game's biggest update is coming.
Tony Huynh claimed that Store and Guild features in MultiVersus are still being developed, but the game is still getting its biggest update sometime next week.
Source: Twitter

The aforementioned Store and Guild features are in MultiVersus menu screens, but greyed out at the moment. The Store is a cosmetic shop that will allow players to purchase skins, sprays, emotes, and other in-game items. Meanwhile, the Guild feature will allow for players to form groups with friends and other players.

MultiVersus has been moving fast in its launch out of closed beta, complete with a tournament at EVO and sweeping changes that have nerfed hard-hitting characters. All this comes while the team still adds new content to the game like Black Adam and Stripe.

It seems we’re still looking at some time before the Store and Guild features become accessible, but it looks like we can expect to see a bulky MultiVersus patch next week. Stay tuned for the details and changes that come with it.

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