Tokyo Game Show 2022 gets new demo of Street Fighter 6 featuring Guile, Juri & Kimberly

Attendees of TGS 2022 will be the first to get a chance at playing Guile, Juri, and Kimberly in the latest demo build of Street Fighter 6.


The sheer amount of good things Street Fighter 6 seems to be doing so far is quite impressive. It feels like the complete opposite of what happened when Street Fighter 5 came out in all the right ways and Capcom continues to build upon the excitement. We got the reveal of Kimberly and Juri as playable characters at EVO 2022, and now at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2022 event, they will be playable alongside the previously confirmed Guile.

Capcom shared details of what’s coming in the Tokyo Game Show 2022 showing of Street Fighter 6 via the game’s Twitter on August 25, 2022. According to Capcom, the build of Street Fighter 6 at Tokyo Game Show will be a new one. Not only will Ryu, Chun-Li, Jamie, and Luke be playable again, but they will be joined by playable versions of Guile, Juri, and Kimberly, the latter two of which were shown for the first time at EVO 2022. This will also be the first time Guile has been playable in Street Fighter 6 despite having been confirmed for the roster for a while.

Street Fighter 6 tweet describing what will be available in the build at Tokyo Game Show 2022.
It looks like Street Fighter fans attending Tokyo Game Show 2022 are in for a new build of the game featuring Guile, Juri, and Kimberly as playable characters for the first time.
Source: Twitter

Capcom has been pulling out all of the stops to bring the best to Street Fighter 6. Build in the RE Engine, this game features some of the best visual effects we’ve seen so far in the franchise and the gameplay itself is feeling fairly solid as well. It’s even got interesting wrinkles like the Modern and Classic control style, and Capcom is designing new rollback netcode for the game from the ground up.

If you’re headed out to Tokyo Game Show 2022, it looks like you’re in for a treat if you’re a Street Fighter fan. As we await more details on Street Fighter 6, keep your eyes on coverage of Tokyo Game Show 2022 for updates on the new playable characters.

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