Embracer Group to acquire Limited Run Games, Tripwire, and Tuxedo Labs

The company is also teed up to acquire Singtrix, an LA-based creator of vocal processing effects technology used in karaoke.


As the prophecies foretold, Embracer Group has gone on another buying spree. The company has entered into several agreements to purchase a bevy of companies including Limited Run Games, Tripwire, Tuxedo Labs, and Singtrix.

The news of Embracer Group entering into agreements to acquire these companies was announced via several press releases on its site on August 18, 2022. This spending spree continues Embracer Group’s earlier acquisitions and merges that took place this year and last.

On the Limited Run Games front, Embracer Group certainly sees value in the company’s porting technology that sees it bring retro games to modern platforms. “We see opportunities for Limited Run to further grow their business with the Carbon Engine by bringing back classic games,” said Lars Wingefors, CEO of Embrace Group. “And extend their footprint geographically through synergies with other companies within Embracer Group.”

Limited Run Games is known for its physical release of titles focusing on retro games as well as modern titles. Recently, Limited Run Games released a collector’s edition of Tetris Effect: Connected and during technically-not-E3-2022 week revealed a wealth of game trailers during its showcase.

Image shows a tornado destroying buildings in Teardown
Tuxedo Games via Steam

As for Tripwire, the company has a few titles under its belt including Maneater, Chivalry 2 and Killing Floor. The press release also notes that the group has a triple-A title in production and a publishing division.

The folks behind the critically acclaimed Teardown, Tuxedo Labs, has also been acquired by Embracer Group. Matthew Karch, CEO of Saber Interactive, notes that the technology used within teardown “has the potential to become the standard-bearing platform for physics simulation in games.”

The other noted acquisition is Singtrix. According to the press release, Singtrix is an “industry leading vocal processing effects technology for karaoke, gaming, and entertainment.” The technology behind Guitar Hero is patented by Singtrix. Could Embracer Group be positioning itself to release another karaoke or music game?

As for Embracer Group, the company has seen a lot of actively recently. Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund acquired 8.1% of the company’s shares, it also purchased several of Square Enix’s IPs including Deus Ex, and even merged with Gearbox Entertainment. Wingefors has also stated that the company will continue its acquisition spree. Embracer Group also announced there will be another announcement, announcing a sixth acquisition. Embracer Group also acquired Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit literary IP rights.

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