Tesla (TSLA) has now produced more than 3 million vehicles

With plans for more Gigafactories, this three million vehicle milestone may soon seem quaint.


With more Tesla vehicles appearing on the road, commuters and consumers may wonder how the company is performing in terms of vehicle production. As it turns out, Tesla (TSLA) has now produced more than three million vehicles over its lifetime. It would seem that despite COVID-19 restrictions and other supply chain woes, the company’s Gigafactories are pumping out vehicles.

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Source: Tesla

During the Tesla (TSLA) 2022 Annual Meeting of Stockholders on August 4, 2022, Elon Musk took to the stage and brought with him some statistics. Within those stats was information on the number of vehicles the company has produced since its inception. According to Musk, Tesla has now produced more than three million vehicles.

This latest figure is an impressive milestone for the company, especially considering the recent COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns that have affected the world. On top of this, semiconductor shortages have plagued all areas of the technology industry. Adding to Tesla’s woes were the lockdowns that directly impacted its Shanghai Gigafactory where the company had hopes of increasing production to 2,600 cars per day.

Over in Germany, the Tesla Gigafactory located in Berlin has achieved a 1,000 vehicles a week production pace. This has no doubt helped the company reach its new milestone.

As Tesla continues to release more vehicles (like the upcoming Cybertruck) and Gigafactories ramp up in production, it won’t be long until three million turns into something larger. While demand is still present, hopefully consumers will see better prices. Musk even went so far as to say Tesla vehicle prices are “frankly at embarrassing levels”.

While three million vehicles produced is nothing to sneeze at, Tesla has plans for more Gigafactories, so this number may seem quaint in coming years. Be sure to check out our TSLA page for more information from the Tesla annual meeting and quarterly reports.

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