Halo Infinite campaign co-op won't allow online matchmaking

It looks like you'll need to have your partners picked out for Halo Infinite's campaign co-op launch, or use a service like Discord, the dev suggests.


Halo Infinite’s campaign co-op feature has been a long time coming to the game. Delayed well after the launch of the core single-player and multiplayer experiences, and then delayed again, 343 has been working the kinks out of co-op in Halo Infinite for quite a while. With a pre-release flight allowing players to test it out, the feature will be launching in full soon, but it looks like you’d better know who you’re going with or get on Discord to find someone because there won’t be built-in online matchmaking for Halo Infinite’s campaign co-op.

Xbox Game Studios revealed this tidbit about the upcoming Halo Infinite campaign co-op in correspondence with GamesRadar. According to an Xbox spokesperson, Halo Infinite won’t support online matchmaking. What this means is that you won’t be able to queue up to be connected with random players online to play through the campaign. You’ll have to directly invite or be invited by a player to take part in campaign co-op.

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Even after Halo Infinite's campaign co-op comes out of its flight, it won't get online matchmaking. You'll have to find a player to link up with on your own.
Source: Xbox Game Studios

It may come as a bit of an inconvenience or boon that players can’t just jump into and out of your campaign in drop-in-drop-out play. However, it also means you need to probably have someone in mind if you want to play Halo Infinite’s campaign with another player. Interestingly, Xbox has suggested that players should utilize third-party apps like Discord if they need to find someone to team up with.

“Online matchmaking will not be available with final co-op,” Xbox said in a statement. "We encourage you to continue to use the Halo LFG and the new Discord voice call feature on Xbox to find players to party up with as you continue playing the beta.”

It’s true that Xbox recently integrated Discord into its ecosystem, so it makes sense that Xbox would rep said accessibility to the social platform. Nonetheless, with the flight having gone through its testing phase, Halo Infinite campaign co-op should be launching soon. If you don’t have a wingman in mind, you might consider finding one soon.

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