Warframe Veilbreaker update revealed at Tennocon 2022

Kahl-175 has returned and is at the center of Warframe's next update.

Image: Digital Extremes

What's next for Warframe? That's the question everyone watching the Warframe Twitch channel has as Tennocon 2022 continues. During the Tennocon keynote, Digital Extremes had some exciting new footage to show off to players in the form of the game's next update. It's called Veilbreaker.

The Veilbreaker update features some unexpected and exciting reveals for the Warframe player base. The first thing to note is that Kahl-175 has returned after his harrowing encounter with the Sentinels. After finishing his fight with them, Kahl has found himself in the middle of the Origin System, which is still under the iron grip of Narmer. Kahl now finds himself braving Narmer's forces, but he won't be alone. His squadmates will join him, as players can take part in co-op boss battles.

Warframe Veilbreaker Tennocon 2022
Image courtesy of Digital Extremes

No word on when Veilbreaker will come to Warframe, but that's not the only announcement to come to Tennocon. Digital Extremes is gearing up to release The Duviri Paradox, showing off new footage of the upcoming open-world expansion. That is likewise coming soon.

On top of that, cross-play, cross-save, and a mobile version of Warframe are still on the agenda. However, those weren't quite ready for deployment at the time of Tennocon 2022. Instead, a community testing phase for cross-play is coming at a later date.

Be sure to keep it here on Shacknews for the latest from Tennocon. If you want to know about the freebies you can pick up over the course of the day, be sure to check out our recent Tennocon guide, as well as the Tennocon website.

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