The Division Resurgence takes the Tom Clancy franchise mobile

The story of The Division will continue through an upcoming mobile title.

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Ubisoft isn't quite finished with the world of The Division just yet. In fact, the publisher announced on Tuesday that the next step in the franchise is to take the story to the mobile gaming space. The Division Resurgence is a third-person shooter with RPG elements that will introduce an all-new storyline and allow players to jump into the world of The Division on the go.

The Division Resurgence will return players to post-crisis New York City and offer a new perspective on events that have unfolded across the first two mainline Division titles. Players will meet new characters as they take on the role of a Strategic Homeland Division agent. The mission remains to keep civilians safe, which is certainly not easy as hostile factions begin to rise from the chaos.

So far, this is sounding a lot like The Division, but mobile players can expect Resurgence to be built from the ground-up with their platform in mind. Controls and interfaces are being tailored for the mobile user while Ubisoft seeks to craft something that should entice both veteran Division players as well as newcomers in hopes of drawing them into the larger world of the PC and console Division titles. This includes PvE activities that can be tackled solo or with friends.

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This marks the latest attempt from a major gaming franchise to offer a mobile experience. The announcement comes a day after Bungie announced that it would partner with NetEase for a mobile Destiny title. Resurgence's announcement also comes in the midst of a renewed push from Ubisoft, as the publisher recently announced that it would also be revealing new Skull & Bones gameplay en route to a new Ubisoft Forward that's set to air in September.

The Division Resurgence is coming soon to iOS and Android. Those interested in signing up for pre-release testing can head over to the Division Resurgence website.

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    Ozzie Mejia posted a new article, The Division Resurgence takes the Tom Clancy franchise mobile

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      July 6, 2022 9:02 AM

      I can see this being a little interim mobile title akin to what Diablo is doing... but D4 is a real thing - will Division 3 be a real thing?

      really had a lot of fun in division 1 and 2, D2's improvement was so noticeable. now we just need better matchmaking and grouping.

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      I swear I searched before posting my thread. Maybe news posts aren’t queried by evening Reading? My bad.

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