How to unlock Secret Support Moves - Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Give your palico some new skills with the Secret Support Moves in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.


Your Palico buddy in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is about to become more powerful thanks to new Secret Support Moves. These new abilities allow your Palico to help you in new and exciting ways. For players looking to become the ultimate monster slaying hunter, finding and unlocking all of the Secret Support Moves will be something worth doing as soon as you reach Elgado Outpost.

Unlock Secret Support Moves

To unlock Secret Support Moves in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, you must talk to and complete the Requests for the various Palicos around Elgado Outpost. There will be a handful of little pals hanging around who will want to talk to you. Speak with them to receive missions for each of the Secret Support Moves:

  • Felyne Fireworks – Bombardier-type
  • Felyne Power-Up – Fighter-type
  • Healing Clover Bat – Healer-type
  • Ameowzing Mist – Assist-type

Once you have unlocked a Secret Support Move, speak with the Buddy Expert in Elgado Outpost to equip your Palico with a new tool!

monster hunter rise sunbreak secret support moves healing clover bat
You must use the same Palico type as listed in the Request to unlock the Secret Support Move.

These Secret Support Moves are rather easy to unlock. To do the Requests, you must complete three Master Rank quests with the associated Palico type. That means to unlock the Healing Clover Bat, you must take a Healer-type Palico on three successful MR hunts. You’ll obviously need to know how to unlock Master Rank to get this done.

Once you’ve unlocked the Secret Support Moves, the next thing you’ll want to focus on is increasing your Buddy Skill Memory slots. These slots can be expanded upon what they were in the base game, allowing you to add more power to your furry friends. By coupling together more skills and support moves, your Palicos will be even more helpful during hunts.

Now that you know how to unlock all the Secret Support Moves, you can focus on reaching the endgame in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak and perfecting your builds. Take a moment to look over our Monster Hunter Rise page for more information on all the new systems and mechanics in the DLC.

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