How to increase Buddy Skill Memory slots - Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Give your buddy more skills by increasing the number of memory slots it has in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.


Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak lets players finally improve their buddies in new and powerful ways. One of these ways is by increasing the Buddy Skill Memory slots. During the base game, these slots were limited, but now they can be expanded – provided you have the necessary resources. Here’s how you can expand the Buddy Skill Memory slots so you can equip more skills or more powerful skills on your hunting pals.

Get more Buddy Skill Memory slots

At the start of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, you will be given one free upgrade for your Buddy Skill Memory slots. After you claim this freebie, the only way to expand the memory slots is to use Eurekacorns. You can expand the Buddy Skill Memory slots a total of three times.

monster hunter rise sunbreak increase buddy skill memory
Visit the Buddy Expert in Elgado Outpost and select Buddy Dojo to see another set of menus. Increase Skill Memory will let you use Eurekacorns to improve your buddies.

There are only a few ways of getting more Eurekacorns. Firstly, you can get them from sending out your buddies on Master Rank Meowcenary quests. You will not get this material from Low or High Ranks, it must be MR versions of the quests.

monster hunter rise sunbreak eurekacorn
Each buddy can have its Memory Skill slot increased three times. You'll need to get a lot of Eurekacorns to do this!

Another way to get more of this currency is to complete optional subquests and other activities. Make sure you always check in with the Buddy Agent and check the optional quests to see the rewards. Focus on acquiring as many Eurekacorns as you need to level up your main buddies. Once the buddies have upgraded through the three extra slots, just enjoy the process of passively improving your other pals.

As for what more memory slots mean, it allows you to equip more skills or better versions of skills. Some skills require only one slot while others need more. Take a moment to tweak your buddy’s skills and loadout. There will be plenty of new skills to try and even powerful new Secret Support Moves to utilize. Swing by our Monster Hunter Rise page for more help with all the new mechanics.

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