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How to unlock Master Rank - Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Take on more challenging hunts with new rarity levels of gear by unlocking Master Rank quests in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.


As players dive into Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, they’ll be eagerly looking to begin on their Master Rank journey. Unlike unlocking Hunter Ranks in the base game, unlocking Master Rank is easy, but progressing up the levels might be a bit more of a challenge.

Master Rank quests, weapons, armor & more

In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, Master Rank and Master Rank quests are unlocked the moment you reach Elgado Outpost. Even if you’ve only just finished the base game, reached HR7, and unlocked Sunbreak, Master Rank will be available to you – there is no need to reach higher Hunter Ranks beforehand.

monster hunter rise sunbreak unlock master rank
Master Rank and Master Rank quests will unlock once you reach Elgado Outpost in Sunbreak.

This is certainly some good news, especially when you consider most of your gear will become obsolete the minute you step out into the Jungle or the Citadel to hunt some monsters. The Master Rank quests are no joke, so acquiring a fresh set of MR armor and a weapon to go with it will be a top priority.

For those that want to best prepare for Master Rank quests, the best idea is to just jump straight in. Once you’ve completed your first hunt, focus on getting a new set of armor and leveling it up. Your build will be in a state of flux for a while, but at least you’ll be well protected from physical damage. Similarly, upgrading your weapon is a great idea.

As with Hunter Ranks, Master Ranks will increase as you complete main quests. Just focus on getting through the main campaign, but if you do hit a wall and start to struggle, consider spending some time farming resources so you can upgrade your gear and start honing a temporary build for the mid-game.

Unlocking Master Rank in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is simple. The new ranking system is available as soon as you unlock Sunbreak and gain access to Elgado Outpost. All that’s left to do now is go on hunts, increase your rank, and start working on your ideal build. Swing by the Monster Hunter Rise page for more information on the new systems and mechanics.

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