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You can pre-order a Ludens Peace Mark from Kojima Productions in support of Ukrainian refugees

All proceeds from Ludens Peace Mark unit sales will go directly to Ukrainian refugees evacuated from Ukraine to Japan.


Developers and publishers from all around the globe have made efforts to help support Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees amid Russia’s ongoing invasion of the country. Kojima Productions is now among these, and has opened up pre-orders for a special “Ludens Peace Mark” charm in its store, with all proceeds being directly donated to those who’ve been evacuated from Ukraine to Japan.

Or, to simplify that, all proceeds will go directly to Ukrainian refugees currently located in Japan. The Ludens Peace Mark unit can be pre-ordered right now for $40 (USD), and is made of duralumin in the shape of a peace symbol. In the item’s description, it’s noted that the Ludens Peace Mark is scheduled to start shipping out in August 2022.

Pre-orders for the Ludens Peace Mark unit are now open in the Kojima Productions store

Again, pre-orders for the Ludens Peace Mark are now open in the Kojima Productions store. If you want to help support Ukrainian refugees in Japan and get yourself a cool, unique charm on top of it, make sure you pre-order while supplies are still available.

For more on how developers and publishers are helping Ukraine, also be sure to check out our coverage of Fortnite’s two-week donation period ending with $144M raised for Ukraine, and a list of organizations you can donate to in support of Ukraine.

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