Shacknews E6 2022: Diamond Select Toys talks Cobra Kai, Comic Con events & what's next

We sat down with Diamond Select Toys as part of Shacknews E6 to talk about all sorts of new products and the mood on upcoming events.


As Shacknews E6 2022 and the latest Summer of Doing Our Jobs cruises along, we’re talking toys during our showcases too. In particular, you may have noticed that we’ve done quite a few unboxings and reviews of Diamond Select Toys already. This time, they’re coming to us to talk about new toys, events, and what’s next for Diamond Select!

It was Marketing Manager Zach Oat that joined us to talk about Diamond Select Toys and what it has going on as part of Day 3 of Shacknews E6 2022. If you missed it during the livestream, no worries! You can also catch the interview in the embedded video just above.

During this conversation, we got to chat about all sorts of topics relating to Diamond Select Toys. Currently shipping and newer products came up, such as The Watcher figure that just recently went on pre-order. We also get a little bit into what comes next in terms of both products and event appearances for Diamond Select Toys. With events like Comic Con having been slow and low or outright canceled, Oat shares a bit of insight on how Diamond Select is approaching further events as they are confirmed.

That’s not all, we also go into Diamond Select Toys’ new Cobra Kai line, which is set to be a San Diego Comic Con 2022 exclusive. The full run of Cobra Kai toys and PVC statues is up for pre-order as well and will be featured heavily throughout Diamond Select’s appearances this year.

As we continue through the week with cool exclusives like the Diamond Select Toys interview, stay tuned for more throughout the entire week of Shacknews E6 2022.

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