Halo Infinite Season 2's 'bumpy' launch addressed by 343 leads

Progress tracking, gun jamming, map jumping, and speedrunning are a few of the matters being looked at after Halo Infinite Season 2's rough launch.


The launch of Halo Infinite’s Season 2 of multiplayer has not gone as well as anyone likely would have liked. A whole host of new issues alongside fixes that have upset the community mean lots of fixing and tweaking is underway as 343 Industries aims to smooth things out. Recently, Halo Infinite leads took to Twitter to share details on some specific points that have been or will be addressed in the near future as it aims to make the game better.

Halo Infinite Senior Community Manager John Junyszek and Head of Creative Joseph Staten shared details on recent and upcoming fixes to Halo Infinite Season 2 of multiplayer on their personal Twitters. The two both addressed that things have been bumpy since Season 2, known as Lone Wolves, began. While Season 2 brought a plethora of new modes and challenges, including Last Spartan Standing and King of the Hill, it also brought some problems. Tracking of progress was an issue, but the community cried particularly foul at the removal of mobility quirks like map jumping and speedrunning. While the former matters have been addressed, the team is apparently discussing fixes for the latter two.

While solutions for progress tracking and gun jamming have been rolled out, 343 is working on map jumping and speedrunning with feedback from players.
While solutions for progress tracking and gun jamming have been rolled out, 343 is working on map jumping and speedrunning with feedback from players.

Halo Infinite has definitely been a mixed bag, and that particularly comes with its multiplayer’s state as a live-service game. That said, speedrunning particularly affects strategies in the single-player campaign, which players in the speedrunning community have cultivated with tons of experimentation. With that in mind, it should come as little surprise that the community has taken ire at changes that have ruined some of these strategies. Map jumping is also technique that has been cultivated and takes some skill to pull off. 343 didn’t suggest it would put things back exactly the way they were, but they do seem to be looking at solutions which will make players happy with feedback given.

Secondary developer Certain Affinity was recently attached to assist 343 Industries in bettering Halo Infinite as a whole. Hopefully the extra support will lead to 343 getting Season 2 back on track and making players happy.

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