Fortnite No Build modes could become permanent according to recent leaks

The recent No Build mode has been a hit among a lot of players and Epic might be making it a permanent fixture.


Recently, with the kickoff of Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2, Epic Games added a highly interesting twist on the normal game which removed the ability to build from the Battle Royale experience. Fortnite’s No Build event has been a much loved addition among many players who are currently enjoying the seemingly temporary inclusion. However, there seems to be indication that it might not be so temporary. A recent leak suggested Epic Games may make No Build modes in Fortnite a permanent addition.

The leak of possible permanent Fortnite No Build modes came via regular Fortnite news, updates, and leaks Twitter TweaBR. According to Twea, it looks like there are some files in Fortnite with graphics after the current No Build event is set to shut down. These graphics suggest the addition of permanent Fortnite No Build modes with solo, duo, trio, and squad modes among the collection. That means we could see Fortnite No Build become a permanent companion to the game’s regular style of gunning-and-build last-player-standing gameplay.

Fortnite released the No Build event as a temporary inclusion to Fortnite at the start of this week, making many a little confused at first as to why Fortnite seemingly removed building. However, since the mode has been in circulation, it has enjoyed positive reception from a lot of players who have since been asking Epic Games to make No Build modes a permanent thing in Fortnite. There’s definitely a level of talent that comes with being able to operate between gunplay and building in Fortnite’s regular gameplay. That said, it seems like a lot of players would at least like the option to be able to rely solely upon their skills in the shooter side of the game.

Whether these leaks lead to official releases of permanent Fortnite No Build battle royale modes or not remains to be seen, but we’ll keep an eye on the topic as we await further details and confirmation. For more Fortnite, be sure to stay tuned here at Shacknews.

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