How to use pouch items - Elden Ring

Take advantage of the pouch in Elden Ring for items you use quite frequently.


The pouch is one of the more useful mechanics in Elden Ring. This is an additional inventory space, similar to the quick item bar. It’s here that you can store items that you need, but maybe don’t need as often. Taking full advantage of this space will ensure you have all the items you need in one handy location.

How to use the pouch

To put items in the pouch, open up the menu while in-game. If you’re not sure how to do that, check out the Elden Ring controls & keybindings guide. On the right-hand side will be a 6-block section labelled Pouch – this is where you can put items you use often but don’t want in the quick slot bar.

elden ring pouch items
The pouch can be used to hold items you need often but don't want to scroll through during the heat of battle.

The top four slots can be activated when out and about exploring. The two at the bottom can only be activated by opening the pause menu. For this reason, you should utilize the top four slots for things you will want to use frequently, like the whistle for summoning Torrent, the spectral steed.

To actually use the items in the pouch, you must press a specific combination of buttons. On PC you must hold the E key and press one of the arrow keys. For console players, hold the Y button and press a direction on the D-pad. This will activate one of the four items you’ve placed in the top slot.

Personally, I like to have the whistle on the right slot, so I can reach it with my right-thumb while still maintaining movement. Another good item to throw on is the spyglass. This is far more useful in Elden Ring than previous games as you will often want to know what’s on the horizon and what you’re moving toward.

Using the pouch in Elden Ring is a great idea. It’s basically another quick item bar, albeit one that requires a few more button presses to access. Throw stuff on here you don’t want clogging up your quick item bar. Be sure to look over the Shacknews Elden Ring strategy guide for even more guides.

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