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Stay in the dark longer in Dying Light 2 so you can keep searching those buildings or running through the streets.


Whether it’s nighttime or you’re inside a building, there’s a lot of darkness in Dying Light 2. When you’re in the dark, a timer will be slowly ticking down, warning you of how long you have until you need to either get into the sunlight or a UV light. While the best way to stay in the dark longer is by increasing your immunity, there are a couple of items that will temporarily allow you to linger in the darkness.

How to increase immunity

As mentioned above, Aiden’s immunity stat is responsible for how long he can stay in the dark. This includes when he’s outside at night and even inside a building in the shade. Collecting and using inhibitors is how you will increase Aiden’s immunity. For every three inhibitors you find, you can increase Aiden’s health or stamina, and when you do, the immunity stat will increase.

increase immunity dying light 2
Every three Inhibitors you find will let you increase Health or Stamina, which will boost your Immunity.

There are over 100 inhibitors to find in Dying Light 2, which means you can improve your immunity quite a lot. This is also a permanent increase to the stat. There are a couple of ways you can temporarily increase and improve your immunity, and that’s done by using specific consumables.

Firstly, there are UV mushrooms you can eat when in darkness. These mushrooms will give you roughly 30 seconds of immunity timing. Eat a mushroom whenever the immunity drops down too low and you need more time to get back into UV light.

dying light 2 immunity booster
Immunity boosters will significantly increase the timer when you're in the dark.

The other option is to use an immunity booster. This inhaler will significantly increase your immunity timer, allowing you to search through buildings or survive outside away from UV light for longer. Finding an immunity booster will be the main challenge, as these are rare consumables. Inhalers can often be found in storage containers, such as those in the GRE buildings.

Increasing your immunity in Dying Light 2 is important if you want to stay in the dark for longer. Using an inhibitor to increase your health or stamina is one way to permanently increase this timer, but there are also mushrooms and immunity booster inhalers for a temporary boost. Before you attempt to search through a building in the dark, make sure you stock up on these consumables and assign them to the right slot. Stop by the Shacknews Dying Light 2 page for more helpful tips.

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