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How to find inhibitors - Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Inhibitors are what you'll use to improve your health and stamina in Dying Light 2, making finding them extremely important.


Inhibitors are one of the most important items to find in Dying Light 2. Whenever you have three, you will be able to upgrade your health or stamina, which also allows you to learn new skills and abilities. The only problem is that finding inhibitors is a challenge, as they’re often well-hidden, defended by tough enemies, or locked away until a specific time.

How to find inhibitors

The first thing you know about finding inhibitors in Dying Light 2 is that your GRE access key will inform you when you are near one. Whenever you hear the words “Inhibitor nearby” stop what you are doing as the key has just let you know that there is one within several feet of your current location.

dying light 2 find inhibitors
Look for the GRE key icon. Move around until you work out which direct you need to move to get closer to the inhibitor container.

At this point, look to the bottom left of your screen where your inventory items are, there will be an icon of the GRE key with a distance readout. The distance will decrease the closer you get to the inhibitor. You should begin moving around until that number gets as small as possible. Keep in mind that inhibitors are typically in buildings, so you will need to start looking for a way into a building once you get close enough.

dying light 2 inhibitors
Sometimes inhibitors are hidden in safes as opposed to GRE containers.

The other thing to remember is that you may not be able to actually get the inhibitor right away. Inhibitors can be found out in the wild, but they can also be found in GRE-branded buildings.  These buildings are sometimes only open at night. If you find a building that has an inhibitor that is also only open a night, make sure you know how to wait so you can skip ahead to when it unlocks.

Sometimes an inhibitor container will have three inhibitors while sometimes you will only get one of the injectable tools. Once you have three, you will be able to use it to upgrade your health or stamina – an important decision.

Finding inhibitors in Dying Light 2 is important if you want to improve your chances of survival. These syringes are found inside special-built containers, which are themselves tucked away in buildings that are locked during the day or found hidden around the world. Be sure to spend some time looking over our Dying Light 2 page for even more tips and guidance.

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