Full Throttle film script's writer would really like Disney to greenlight a full movie

Last year, Warcraft and Moon film director Duncan Jones wrote a film script for Lucasarts classic Full Throttle. This year he wants to make the movie.


Full Throttle is easily one of the most memorable and fantastic original point-and-click adventures of its day. It’s so beloved that last year, Duncan Jones (director of Moon and the Warcraft movie) wrote a full film adaptation script of the game out of sheer boredom. It was extensively cool to say the least, but has sadly been left on paper. This year, Jones wants to bring it to life and has asked fans to help him get Disney to greenlight a Full Throttle film based on his script.

Duncan Jones went to his personal Twitter to call on the internet at large to help him in his task on January 9, 2022. It was back on January 11, 2021 that Jones sat down during the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic to get started on a Full Throttle film script. It wasn’t being offered to anyone and wasn’t an assignment. Jones simply did it because it was fun and filled his free time. However, it was quite the well-thought-out script and garnered quite a bit of attention from fans when he shared it publicly.

In 2022, Duncan Jones wants to make his Full Throttle film script into a real project. With that in mind, he asked fans of the game to help him in reaching out to Disney and help him in getting a Full Throttle movie greenlit. Disney currently owns the newly reformed Lucasfilm Games, which is likely where the rights to Full Throttle sit, so it would be in charge of deciding if a Full Throttle movie gets a go-ahead or not.

After what we’ve seen of the script and some fan-made adaptations of it, we’d love to see the Jones’ Full Throttle film adaptation get the greenlight. Time will tell if Disney is paying attention or not. Stay tuned as we continue to follow this story for further updates.

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