Warcraft movie director wrote a Full Throttle film script out of pandemic boredom

Inspired by some creative takes shared by Double Fine's Tim Schafer, Director Duncan Jones felt compelled to pen an entire Full Throttle film script on his down time.


The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely inspired many of us to engage in some pursuits we might not have if many of us weren’t stuck at home trying to remain safe. Some draw, paint, make music, or catch up on shows and games they’ve been putting off. Some write. In the case of film director Duncan Jones, some write full-length movie scripts for the films they’d like to see made. That’s exactly what he did when he sat down to write an entire script for the classic LucasArts adventure, Full Throttle.

Duncan Jones posted about his endeavors via his personal Twitter on January 11, 2021. According to the Warcraft and Moon director, the effort came out of a writer’s block on one of his own projects, as well as being inspired by a 2020 re-imagined take on Full Throttle that was shared by Double Fine Productions Lead and original Full Throttle Designer Tim Schafer.

“I loved that game.  I mean, really loved that game. So the next time I had one of those freezes, I started writing this.”

“This” turned out to be a full-length Full Throttle film script.

It’s an awesome imagining of the LucasArts’ classic. It’s difficult to say if anything comes of it, but the idea that the script exists out of sheer boredom is fantastic, to say the least. Full Throttle was a delight back in its time, and one we got to re-explore when it was remastered in 2017. The 2020 re-imagining put together by the Red Knuckles animation studio is also fantastic on its own (obviously good enough to inspire Jones’ entire script).

Tim Schafer seemed to thoroughly enjoy Duncan Jones’ treatment of the Full Throttle script as well. Fingers crossed, this isn’t something that just sits on a shelf collecting dust. It might not be the golden age of point-and-clicks anymore, but the world could always do for another revisit to Full Throttle.

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