Halo's magnum, energy sword, & battle rifle come to Destiny 2

Bungie's 30th anniversary brought more than just the Gjallarhorn to Destiny 2. Some of Master Chief's best weapons also made the jump.


Bungie has been around for 30 years. That means 30 years of adventures, top-of-the-line first-person shooters, and so much more. It’s been a long ride, and Bungie is still riding high on the success of Destiny 2. However, the studio also hasn’t forgotten where it came from. In honor of Bungie’s 30th anniversary, the team has created versions of Halo’s Magnum, Battle Rifle, and Energy Sword for Destiny 2.

Bungie shared details of these Halo-inspired weapons on the web page for its 30th Anniversary Event. Aside from the new Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack for Destiny 2 that features the Exotic Gjallarhorn rocket launcher from the first game, Bungie has made a new weapon cache and exotic catalyst quest available for everyone that will grant them access to the Forerunner Exotic Sidearm, BxR-55 Battler Legendary Pulse Rifle, and Half-Truths Legendary Sword. While obviously not one-to-one renditions of the weapons that are found in Halo, their designs and functionality should feel familiar to longtime Bungie fans who cut their teeth in the happy days of early Halo.

The Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack for Destiny 2 launched today and features all kinds of unique goodies, including the aforementioned Gjallarhorn. That said, you won’t have to make any extra purchases to get your hands on the Halo-inspired weapons or Exotic Catalysts. Those and a few other event-based activities and goodies are free to all Destiny 2 players. Moreover, there are a number of further new weapons and gear to play with, including a new shotgun, grenade launcher, trace rifle, and 6-player offensive activity: Dares of Eternity.

There’s plenty of further cool 30th anniversary stuff coming out of Bungie for Destiny 2. Keep your eyes here for all of the new anniversary goodies and more as we cover it in new features, breakdowns, and guides.

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