Bungie is scrapping Destiny 2's armor mod Glimmer cost

Get ready to spend more time experimenting with your end-game builds.


Spend any amount of time tinkering with your build in Destiny 2 and you’ll eventually run out of Glimmer. The simple act of slotting in a new armor mod could send you broke. This resulted in players avoiding build customization or running to Spider for another dollar bag full of the blue currency. Bungie has decided to scrap this system, instead allowing players to try out different mods for free – no Glimmer required.

destiny 2 armor mod glimmer cost is being removed on December 7
You will no longer need to go and farm up Glimmer just to tinker with your armor mods in Destiny 2.

In the TWAB for December 2, 2021, Bungie revealed it would be abolishing the Glimmer requirement for inserting mods into your armor. In Destiny 2, players could earn mods that benefit various aspects of their characters. These range from ammo reserve boosts to ability regeneration increases and even unique effects like the Warmind Cell mods. The one problem was that in order to use them, players need to use in-game currency to slot it into their armor.

Though small in comparison to how much Glimmer players can hold, 500 and 250,000 respectfully, end-game content would often require players swap mods in and out to experiment with builds and strategies. This would bleed players dry, leaving them unable to tinker with their character stats. It was an archaic system that didn’t feel good. To overcome this, players typically used one or two builds and left it at that.

By removing the Glimmer cost, Bungie hopes to foster more build crafting. The post does note that this isn’t the solution to all the build woes and goes on to mention that the team is looking into the cost of Artifact mod resets – which becomes exorbitant after you reset your Artifact a handful of times.

The changes to armor mod Glimmer requirements is going to come into effect on December 7, which is just in time for the Bungie 30th Anniversary expansion, which includes a new end-game dungeon. You’ll no doubt want to keep an eye trained on the Shacknews Destiny 2 Guide as we dive in and give you some recommendations for your build – which will no longer cost you an arm and a leg to change.

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