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Outriders: New Horizon free update coming this Tuesday

There's a lot lined up for Outriders with the New Horizon update, including a revamped endgame, transmog, and new Expeditions.


Earlier this year, Square Enix and People Can Fly took players across the cosmos into a new cooperative shooter called Outriders. Outriders started out strong out of the gate, but excitement over this game has waned in the seven months since it released. However, People Can Fly isn't finished just yet. On Monday, the studio announced a new update that will hit the game soon. It's called Outriders: New Horizon.

Outriders: New Horizon will feature a series of new additions to People Can Fly's shooter. There's a lot that's coming, all of which is being offered up for free. Here are the main items of interest:

  • A revamped endgame experience is being promised. The most eye-opening item here is that timers for expeditions are being removed. Endgame expeditions will now be untimed in an effort to encourage more diverse builds in a pressure-free environment.
  • Legendary loot drops are being adjusted. To add to the double Legendary drops and anti-duplication system, the Eye of the Storm will now offer an element of choice. Once players complete the Eye of the Storm, they can now pick a Legendary item from a selection of available options.
  • Transmogrification is being added, which will allow players to transfer cosmetic effects across items. Transmog will also work account-wide, so cosmetic effects on gear for all characters can be taken back and forth. There will be no microtransctions tied to transmog. To help get the ball rolling on this feature, all new and existing Outriders players will receive one free Legendary armor piece for logging in this week.

On top of all of this, four new Expedition maps will take players to new areas of Enoch. Look for the Molten Depths, City of Nomads, The Marshal's Complex, and The Wellspring to be added with the New Horizon update. All four of these Expeditions will feature new lore, challenges, and loot. New Outriders players can immediately unlock whichever one of these four Expeditions they want with the other three being unlocked over the course of their game.

Other new features include controller customization options, skill tree updates, damage adjustments, and improved matchmaking. PCF is also touting major stability improvements, which should reduce the issues that players ran into in the game's early days. Plus, they seem quite insistent that the brutal inventory wipe issue has been resolved, making sure to note that anybody who was affected by this bug at any point should now have their stuff back.

The Outriders: New Horizon update is set to release this Tuesday, November 16. All of the aforementioned updates will be released for free for all owners of the base game, including the Xbox Game Pass version. Also, remember that if you're not sure about this game that there's a lengthy free demo available on the Outriders website. We'll be on the lookout for the latest Outriders update here at Shacknews, so keep it here for the latest.

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