How to put on your work uniform - Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Happy Home Paradise

You will need to put on a work uniform in Animal Crossing: New Horizons before you can start working at Paradise Planning.


The first time you start work at Paradise Planning, Lottie will automatically ask you to go upstairs and put on your work uniform. The next time you arrive, you might automatically go upstairs and try to put it on only to discover it’s a bit difficult to find. Thankfully, getting ready for work in Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Happy Home Paradise is simple, and putting on your work uniform is quick!

How to put on your work uniform

As mentioned above, the first time you arrive on the island and meet Lottie, she will direct you to go upstairs to the wardrobe and select your work uniform. This is where you can choose what your work uniform looks like by selecting any of the clothing options available – it doesn’t have to match what they were wearing. Pick your uniform, then press confirm to put it on.

work uniform animal crossing new horizons happy home paradise
The next time you arrive at Paradise Planning, tell Lottie you're ready to work and you will change in to your work uniform.

Now, the next time you arrive to do some work, you might go upstairs to the wardrobe and discover your work uniform is missing. It’s not in your clothing section, it will say your work uniform is equipped and you can’t take it off, and it won’t be in your bag. To put on your work uniform, go and talk to Lottie and say you're ready to work: you will instantly put your uniform on.

Once you learn this is how you put on your uniform, it’ll be so obvious. But now, you can go upstairs and actually tweak how you look. More importantly, you can get to work and start earning more Poki. There are plenty of goods to buy and a lot of islanders who would love a dream vacation home.

After putting on your work uniform and punching in at Paradise Planning, you can get to work designing homes. Remember to stop by our Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide for a whole lot of helpful content, including coverage of Happy Home Paradise.

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