Sakurai's cat tweets offer a post-Smash Bros. Ultimate future we're ready to accept

A handful of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai's few non-Smash tweets have featured his cat, Fukura, and we're okay with that trend.


With the closing chapter on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate featuring Sora from Kingdom Hearts, the game is finally complete. While there could still be some balancing or bug fixes, there won’t be anymore DLC for the game. It’s the end of an era and left us wondering what Smash Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai posts on social media once his long collection of creative Super Smash Bros. Ultimate screenshots runs out. Fortunately, he has offered glimpses for us. Perhaps (purrhaps?) more cat videos are in Sakurai’s social media future, which would be fine by us.

Sakurai posted a comment-free video clip of his cat, Fukura, on his personal Twitter on November 2, 2021. It’s not the first time Sakurai’s cat has been featured in posts, but usually even the ones that do have often been somehow adjacent to Super Smash Bros. in the last few years. Sakurai’s cat has appeared several times in various posts and columns (he had a whole column in Famitsu in 2009 about getting Fukura). This post, on the other hand, seemed to be devoid of anything besides head pettings for Fukura.

If you’re like us, maybe you’ve wondered what Masahiro Sakurai would be posting on his Twitter account once his supply of Smash Bros. screenshot posts runs dry. With Sora having launched in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and development of new content on the game having come to a close, it seems unlikely that a new Smash Bros. is coming again anytime soon. Even so, a person as prolific as Masahiro Sakurai seemed just as unlikely to just fade off into the sunset after the game’s ending.

If more cat videos and pictures are what we can expect in the future of Masahiro Sakurai’s post-Super Smash Bros. Twitter, we’re pretty okay with that outcome. Bring on more Fukura!

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