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Lost Judgment will make Kaito playable in Spring 2022

Ryu Ga Gotoku released a post-launch content roadmap and details, including DLC that lets you play as his hot-blooded partner, Kaito.


One of the absolute strengths of Judgment has been its strong cast. We’re not just talking about the protagonist Takayuki Yagami, either. Characters around him like his lifelong friend and partner in investigation, Masaharu Kaito, are also fantastic. Maybe that’s why Ryu Ga Gotoku is going to let us play as the former gang member turned investigator in some of the post-launch DLC for Lost Judgment. Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio just revealed a roadmap and details on that post-launch content that includes being able to play as Kaito next year.

The details on Lost Judgment’s post-launch roadmap were revealed in a press release on September 3, 2021. In it, Ryu Ga Gotoku and Sega went into detail about the extra content that can either be purchased later or bundled as part of the special editions of the game. The roadmap included a Quick-Start Support Pack and Detective Essentials Pack of items that will be available at launch and a School Stories Expansion Pack on October 26 that will expand the activities and options you can explore in side activities like racing, boxing, dance club, robot club, and more. What’s extremely notable though is the Kaito Files Story Expansion.

The Kaito Files Story Expansion will be a DLC in which you can play as Masaharu Kaito in Lost Judgment. It's DLC available through the Ultimate Edition of Lost Judgment and coming in Spring 2022.
The Kaito Files Story Expansion will be a DLC in which you can play as Masaharu Kaito in Lost Judgment. It's DLC available through the Ultimate Edition of the game and coming in Spring 2022.

Coming in Spring 2022 as part of the Digital Ultimate Edition pre-order (or probably as separate DLC as well), the Kaito Files Story Expansion will be an independent story scenario in which players will play as Masaharu Kaito. His story will have its own case and leads, separate from the main scenario, and he’ll also have his own signature, hard-hitting combat style. Kaito has long been a beloved character in the Judgment stories and this serves to make the special editions of the game quite a bit more enticing. Heck, if we really can’t have Takayuki Yagami anymore due to concerns with PC ports and the actor’s agency, it’s possible RGG and Sega are gearing up for a shift to Kaito.

With Lost Judgment launching on September 24, or accessible on September 21 if you have early access from one of the special editions, stay tuned for further details as we get closer to the launch date later this month.

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