Dead by Daylight's Stranger Things Hawkins map is leaving

Dead by Daylight is about to leave the Upside Down for good, which also means that the Stranger Things map will no longer be playable.


Whatever deal was in place between Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive and Netflix's Stranger Things appears to be coming to an end. On Monday, Behaviour announced that players would only have three months left to purchase any Stranger Things content before it leaves the Dead by Daylight shop forever. That's not all, though. The Hawkins National Laboratory map, set in the Upside Down's Underground Complex, will no longer be playable after that period.

"On Nov. 17, 2021, the gate to the Upside Down will close and the Underground Complex Map will be sealed off permanently to players in Dead by Daylight," reads the post on the Dead by Daylight website. "However, while the map will no longer be available, The Entity is not so willing to let go of some of its other favorite playthings."

November 17 will also be the cutoff date to purchase any content related to the Netflix hit series. That means players have roughly three months to purchase Nancy Wheeler, Steve Harrington, the Demogorgon, or any related outfits. Fortunately, those looking to complete their Stranger Things collection can do so for slightly cheaper. Dead by Daylight is having what basically amounts to a clearance sale, offering any Stranger Things content for half price. The characters will be on sale starting Wednesday, August 18 and remain discounted until the day they leave the store. The outfits will be on sale until September 8. Lastly, the full Stranger Things Chapter and Dead by Daylight: Stranger Things Edition will be on sale on Steam, the PlayStation Store, the Microsoft Store, and Stadia.

The actual removal of a Dead by Daylight map is an unprecendented move, especially for a game that has a habit of adding content frequently. Most recently, Behaviour Interactive collaborated with Capcom on an exciting Resident Evil collaboration, as part of its Year 6 roadmap.

If you're looking to visit the Upside Down in Dead by Daylight, you don't have much time to do it. While the removal of the Hawkins National Laboratory map is disappointing, at least the Stranger Things characters and outfits can still be used even after everything is removed from the in-game store. The clock strikes midnight on the Stranger Things content on November 17.

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