Dead by Daylight's new Year 6 content will include four killers, five survivors, & two maps

The roadmap for Dead by Daylight Year 6 is vague, but Behaviour Interactive revealed it is stacked with a great collection of killers, survivors, and maps.


Five years of Dead by Daylight have produced some absolutely amazing content for the game. We’ve seen plenty of new survivors, killers, and maps bring a wealth of fun and freaky visuals and mechanics to the game, and Year 6 of Dead by Daylight promises to be no different. During a recent livestream, Behaviour Interactive teased that it has plans for four new killers, five new survivors, and two new maps in Dead by Daylight’s coming year.

This specific tidbit of information was revealed during Dead by Daylight’s 5th Anniversary stream on May 25, 2021. In the stream, Dead by Daylight producer Aurélie Gérault spoke to the matter of what players and fans could expect from content in the game’s sixth year of activity. Gérault couldn’t share the specifics of what kind of content lies ahead, but she did reveal how much there would be. Currently, there is four killers, five survivors, and two maps planned for development and release in Dead by Daylight’s Year 6.

It’s unknown at this time if Gérault’s promised amount of content in Year 6 includes the recently revealed Resident Evil chapter content, which features Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine as survivors, Nemesis as a killer, and the Raccoon City Police Station as a map. Given the fact that we also learned that Dead by Daylight’s Resident Evil chapter launches in June, it seems likely that it takes up part of this promised stack of Year 6 content. Even so, it means that even after the Resident Evil chapter launches, there’s plenty of more Dead by Daylight goodies on the way.

Be sure to check out the full Dead by Daylight 5th Anniversary stream, including the unique addition of A.I. enemies in the form of the zombies for Nemesis, and stay tuned for further Dead by Daylight details and updates here at Shacknews.

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