Razer Zephyr beta sign-up, release date, price & specs

Razer Zephyr is the official name of Project Hazel and there's a beta happening. Learn about the product's release date, potential specs, and price.


The Zephyr is Razer’s answer to the problem of people needing to wear masks now more than ever before. Previously titled Project Hazel, the Razer Zephyr gives people the safety of air filtration while also providing a clear panel for people to see you smile, watch your mouth as you talk, and otherwise help us communicate. With an official name comes all sorts of other exciting things, like a release date, betas, as well as more concrete specs and prices.

Razer Zephyr beta sign-up

It’s certainly unusual to have a public beta for a piece of personal protective equipment, but this is the age in which we live. Those that want to assist Razer in perfecting this new style of mask are encouraged to sign up for the Razer Zephyr beta.

To sign up for the Razer Zephyr beta, just head over to the Zephyr sign-up page. There, you will need to include the usual name and address, while also including a social media link and telling Razer why you want to participate.

Razer Zephyr release date

razer zephyr release date

The Zephyr went into production back in June, and at that time, Razer stated that Zephyr’s release date would be in Q4 2021. For those not down with that lingo, it typically refers to the last quarter of the year – so between October and December. However, Razer also noted that due to supply limitations, it would be selling the product in “drops”. Those interested in purchasing one will need to sign up over at the Zephyr page. We’ll be certain to update this piece once an exact release date is announced.

Razer Zephyr specs

razer zephyr specs

The only specs currently announced for the Razer Zephyr are those first revealed in the Project Hazel concept. This means a lot of the specifications are subject to change. However, these specs can give us an idea of what we might expect from the full release. The Project Hazel page has a few conceptualized specs:

  • Surgical N95 Respirator – High bacterial filtration efficiency, high fluid resistance
  • Active ventilation – Detachable ventilator filters 95% of airbore particles
  • Replaceable filters – The filters can be replaced and the ventilators can be recharged
  • UV sterilization – The charging case has a UV light, which sterilizes the mask
  • Transparent design – Allows greater communication and interaction than opaque masks
  • Interior lighting – The inside lights up in low-light environments, illuminating your mouth
  • Mic + amplifier – Amplifies the voice to avoid muffled speech

Remember, these specifications are subject to change, as they’re based on the early prototype or proof of concept. Once Razer finalizes the specs and releases them, we’ll be certain to update this.

Razer Zephyr price

razer zephyr price

The Razer Zephyr price has not been announced. Check back soon for more details.

The Razer Zephyr mask looks to give people a means to stay safe while ensuring they can express themselves. Being able to see someone’s mouth while they talk can make the world of difference. Check back with us here at Shacknews as more is revealed about the Razer Zephyr, including a proper release date, finalized specifications, and even a price.

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