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Discover the Held Items upgrade cost in Pokemon Unite as well as how to get more of Item Enhancers needed to complete your builds.


Held Items are one of the most powerful aspects of Pokemon Unite, and they can be upgraded, but at a cost. Understanding the cost associated, and how best to spend your time (and the precious currency), is worth considering right at the start of your journey to being a Pokemon master. While the process to upgrade Held Items is simple, the cost and number of Item Enhancers needed is quite steep.

Held Items upgrade cost

Though at first the in-game menu will only indicate that Held Items can be upgraded to 20, they can actually be pushed all the way to Level 30. However, upgrading a Held Item in Pokemon Unite is quite expensive, as the cost for each level increases exponentially.

  • Held Item to Level 10: 82 Item Enhancers
  • Held Item to Level 20: 485 Item Enhancers
  • Held Item to Level 30: 2,020 Item Enhancers

By the time you’ve upgraded an Item Enhancer to Level 30, it will cost you 2,587 Item Enhancers. Though this is expensive, you will likely want to upgrade any Held Items you use for your build so you can have a better chance at moving through the Pokemon Unite Ranked ladder.

The following table shows how many Item Enhancers are needed per level.

Held Item upgrade costs
Held Item Level Item Enhancers needed Held Item Level Item Enhancers needed Held Item Level Item Enhancers needed
1 11 25 21 100
2 3 12 30 22 120
3 4 13 35 23 140
4 5 14 40 24 160
5 6 15 45 25 180
6 8 16 50 26 210
7 10 17 55 27 240
8 12 18 60 28 270
9 14 19 65 29 300
10 20 20 80 30 300

How to upgrade Held Items

pokemon unite upgrade held item cost
Upgrading Held Items first requires you to be the right Trainer level, then, you must use Item Enhancers.

To upgrade a Held Item, you must first reach Trainer level 9. Once you hit this requirement, you will need to go deep into the menus to be able to upgrade Held Items. It’s a bit involved, as you will need to first try and “give” a Held Item to a Pokemon.

  1. From the main menu press the X button
  2. Select Item Box
  3. Go to the Held Items tab
  4. Choose the Held Item you want to upgrade and click “Give”
  5. In the new menu, go to All Held Items
  6. Select the Held Item you want to upgrade and choose Upgrade

The cost for each upgrade will be displayed right above the Upgrade button. As mentioned above, you will need to use Item Enhancers to upgrade a Held Item. For those who are running low or who want to upgrade a lot of Held Items, getting more Item Enhancers will be a top priority.

How to get more Item Enhancers

pokemon unite upgrade held item more item enhancers
Item Enhancers are rewarded from many sources, but they can also be bought from the Aeos Emporium.

As we discussed in our article about whether Pokemon Unite is pay-to-win, if you want to upgrade all 16 Held Items using Item Enhancers, you would need 41,392 Item Enhancers. That’s a lot! So working out how to get more Item Enhancers should be the focus of anyone looking to upgrade more than a handful of Held Items.

  • Purchased from the Aeos Emporium
  • Complete missions and challenges
  • Leveling up your Trainer
  • Battle Pass rewards
  • Energy Rewards machine

Item Enhancers can be purchased from the Shop for 10 Aeos tickets a piece or 1 Aeos gem. You can get Aeos tickets from many of the same sources you will get Item Enhancers (missions, challenges, Trainer leveling etc). This will likely be the main way you get Item Enhancers after exhausting all the other sources.

The other sources of Item Enhancers include leveling up your Trainer level. Once you max your Trainer level you would have received 1,130 Item Enhancers along with 2,400 Aeos tickets (which will buy you 240 Item Enhancers). You can also get Item Enhancers from Battle Pass rewards, missions and challenges, and even from the Energy Rewards machine.

The cost of upgrading Held Items in Pokemon Unite is incredibly steep. The process is made problematic in that players can pay real money to circumvent the grind, giving them a significant advantage earlier than non-paying customers. However, play Pokemon Unite for long enough and you’ll eventually have all the Item Enhancers you need to upgrade your favorite Held Items. Be sure to stop by the Shacknews Pokemon Unite page for more helpful guides.

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