Elon Musk tweets and deletes lame meme directed at Apple

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has had a lot to say about Apple all of a sudden. This week has been full of barbs, tonight's tweet being the dumbest, and now deleted.


It's a late night for ole Captain Business kiddies, but I am one of the world's most intrepid journalists with his keen COVID-19 sense of smell trained on Twitter for all the dankest memes. Tonight, Elon Musk made an attempt.

Elon Musk's deleted tweet directed at Apple.
Elon Musk's deleted tweet directed at Apple.

This is not the the first time this week that Tesla's CEO has lashed out at Apple, doing it twice during the TSLA Q2 2021 conference call. Musk singled out Apple as using 100% cobalt, during the call and also made a joke involving a few fake coughs about proprietary ecosystems. Earlier today, the CEO of Tesla voiced his support of Epic Games' fight against the largest company in the world.

My spiritual advisor says that there is no such thing as a coincidence, so it just seems pretty pretty odd that ole Elon is suddenly super concerned about the App Store when he was complaining about chip shortages and cobalt demand just a few days ago on the day of the earnings release

We should probably keep an eye on this Elon Musk guy. He seems to be pretty paranoid about Apple. Could the company finally be ready to make their long-rumored move into the electric vehicle industry? Is Tim Cook just trying to secure supply so little Billy and Susie can have their new iPhones in time for Christmas 2021? Does this chip shortage totally blow? Tune in next week as we will stay on the case. In the meantime, check out our Shacknews' 25 favorite video interviews.

Well, actually... There is... one more thing!

That meme was wack. if you are a billionaire, you could commission something much better. Musk has an army of sycophants and worshippers following him on social media, and in this case he should have just crowd-sourced the meme generation. Any ole meme foundry across the globe could whip him up the dankest meme in no time. Mighty fine, I tell ya what. Food for thought on this late Friday evening in America. 

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