Ivy Road is a new studio from The Stanley Parable maker and Gone Home co-creator

Two top names in indie gaming are joining forces and their debut project will be published by Annapurna Interactive.


Annapurna Interactive has been busy building new partnerships for future projects. One of the more unexpected reveals (and pleasant surprises) from Thursday's Annapurna Interactive Showcase came from a casual spot of tea. The ones sharing tea were the cofounders of a brand new development studio: Davey Wreden (maker of The Stanley Parable and The Beginner's Guide) and Karla Zimonja (co-creator of Gone Home and Tacoma). The newly-dubbed Ivy Road introduced themselves and announced that they're currently at work on a mystery project.

Wreden and Zimonja were both noticeably tight-lipped about what their first project for Annapurna Interactive will entail. In fact, this was more of a comedy skit intended to introduce the audience to them, as well as their third partner, Minecraft composer Daniel "C418" Rosenfeld. If anybody is desperately looking for any sort of hint as to what they might be doing, the answer might be in the tea party they're having. The tea may potentially represent the upcoming game's setting. It could also illustrate a possible plot device.

Or, they could just be having tea. Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar. Sigmund Freud said that... I think.

While Wreden appears prepared to jump into this new project, he's also currently working on The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe. It was set to release in 2019 and has since been delayed indefinitely, but Wreden offered an update on its progress as recently as earlier this month. The Ivy Road debut will mark Zimonja's first project since Tacoma, but her former colleagues at Fullbright have also partnered up with Annapurna Interactive. They're currently hard at work on Open Roads.

There's no indication of what Annapurna Interactive and the newly-formed Ivy Road have in mind for the future. However, this partnership intrigues us here at Shacknews and we'll be here to offer any updates as they pop up.

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