Open Roads announced at The Game Awards 2020

Experience a new, heart-felt adventure in Open Roads, from the studio that brought you Gone Home and Tacoma.


Open Roads is a new game developed by Fullbright, the team behind Gone Home and Tacoma. Featuring a unique art style, Open Roads takes players on a story-based adventure that is brought to life by Keri Russel and Kaitlyn Dever. Take a look at the trailer below!

The trailer for Open Roads, revealed at the Game Awards 2020 on December 10, gives players a brief introduction to the world and story they will be experiencing. The story looks to be told from the perspective of the granddaughter of someone called Helen Devine. This daughter will be working with her mother to uncover the mystery of the grandmother and the secret life she lived. Here’s what the Steam page has to say:

One fine fall day, Tess Devine and her mother, Opal, discover a cache of old notes and letters carefully stashed away in the attic of their house. Hints of deep-rooted family secrets, decades-old burglaries, a lost treasure somewhere near the Canadian border... What they uncover suggests a much darker mystery, best left well enough alone.

Open Roads is set to release on Xbox, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 as well as on PC via Steam. You can check out more about this title over on the Open Road Steam page. Be sure to check out the Game Awards 2020 page for all of the other announcements revealed during the show.

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