Shacknews Dump - July 23, 2021

It's the end of the week, and it's been a doozy, but for better or worse, we're here. Let's close it out with a hearty Shacknews Dump.


Well, that was certainly a week of gaming news, wasn’t it? But we aren’t about to shy away from our norm. It’s another weekend and we’ve got a Shacknews Dump to talk about. There are somber topics for sure, but we can also take slight comfort in the fact that the week wasn’t all bad.

On this July 23 episode of the Shacknews Dump, Blake comes back from vacation and we don’t have to keep coming up with Blake-ified nicknames for the fine folks who have stepped in to host in his absence. Perhaps (but not much) more importantly, there’s some big gaming news to talk about this week. Activision and Blizzard face allegations with all of the pomp and circumstance you’d expect out of ultra-large studios trying to protect their image. On the lighter side, Netflix continues to march towards its new gaming effort with details about how it will work.

Tune into the Shacknews Dump at 1:30 p.m. PT / 4:30 p.m. ET as we discuss these and other notable gaming news stories this week on the Shacknews Twitch channel. You can also watch it below.

Here’s the rundown of topics coming up for discussion on today’s Shacknews Dump:

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The Shacknews Dump is going to rip this band-aid off as we often do, but there’s plenty of good things to talk about today. Be sure to tune in as we go live shortly.

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TJ Denzer is a player and writer with a passion for games that has dominated a lifetime. He found his way to the Shacknews roster in late 2019 and has worked his way to Senior News Editor since. Between news coverage, he also aides notably in livestream projects like the indie game-focused Indie-licious, the Shacknews Stimulus Games, and the Shacknews Dump. You can reach him at and also find him on Twitter @JohnnyChugs.

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