Apex Legends new character Seer's player-tracking kit revealed at EA Play Live 2021

Seer will be able to spot players moving recklessly and track them with his drones after he's found them.


Apex Legends Season 10 - Emergence is fast approaching in early August, and with it will come a number of new features. Prominent among them is the upcoming addition to the Legend roster, Seer. There have been teases of Seer’s recon-centered kit and what it can do, but at EA Play Live 2021, we got a deep dive and demonstration of exactly how Seer can gather information on enemy players and then track them relentlessly once he’s found them.

Seer’s recon kit, including his drone ability, were revealed in depth during the EA Play Live 2021 presentation on July 22, 2021. By aiming down his sights, Seer will be able to employ a passive heartbeat sensor that will warn him if he’s looking in the direction of an enemy. It’s a good way to get a general idea of where an enemy is at and how far away they are. Once he’s narrowed in on enemies, he can employ his tactical ability to release a field of drones which will track their footsteps, and especially those who are moving quickly within his ability’s range. You can see the latest trailer below.

Seer has looked like a very cool twist on the recon abilities currently available, which have offered varying degrees of information. Bloodhound can give you a look at where players are with their abilities, but only a snapshot. Meanwhile Crypto can keep realtime track of players, but it requires him to stand still while he uses his drone. Seer seems to split the difference between the two by allowing you to track players within his tactical area of effect. However, they can avoid detection if they're not running. Crouching and moving carefully out of the field can help you remain undetected.

Seer will be launching as part of Apex Legends Season 10 - Emergence on August 3, 2021. Be sure to stay tuned for further coverage, such as details on the changes coming to World's Edge and the new Rampage LMG coming with the season as well.

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