Fortnite gets an in-game driveable Ferrari

If you want to cruise towards a Fortnite Victory Royale style, you probably couldn't go much classier than a Ferrari 296 GTB.


Ferrari has been a legendary brand of sports cars for decades now. The Italian luxury car designer is well associated with class, speed, and sleek designs. As cool as Fortnite can be, it’s also a very cartoonish third-person shooter with only a few vehicles. You probably wouldn’t expect to see a Ferrari in there, but that’s exactly what’s happening. As of today, the Ferrari 296 GTB is driveable vehicle in game.

Epic Games announced this very interesting collaboration between Fortnite and Ferrari with a press release and trailer on its YouTube channel on July 22, 2021. From that July 22 date on, you can find the Ferrari 296 GTB in game and get in to drive it. Not only that, but there are also new challenges associated specifically with the vehicle and new cosmetic items in the Item Shop if you want to put the Ferrari brand on your character. The challenges and cosmetics are also available as of today. You can see the vehicle in action below.

This is a very interesting crossover for Fortnite, which is by no means a stranger to crossovers anyways. We’ve seen The Avengers, the NBA, Kratos from God of War, Ryu and Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, and plenty of other iconic game, film, and other media franchises make an appearance in Fortnite. Ferrari just feels so dang posh, not that the Ferrari 296 GTB looks any less beautiful in a Fortnite battle royale match (unless someone hits it with a rocket or peppers it with machinegun bullets). Mark that up as another thing we probably wouldn’t have expected to see come to Fortnite.

With Ferrari crossing over into Fortnite territory, the game continues to show itself as one of the most versatile and popular gaming experiences around. If you want to check out the Ferrari 296 GTB in Fortnite, it’s available for play now.

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