PlayStation Japan may have leaked a possible Bluepoint acquisition alongside Housemarque

In a seemingly now-deleted Tweet, PlayStation Japan posted an image welcoming Bluepoint to the company instead of Housemarque.


PlayStation may have scooped up Returnal studio Housemarque, but it isn’t the only likely studio we’d expect to see under PlayStation’s umbrella. Bluepoint has also done great work for the brand, putting together the impeccable Demon’s Souls remake for the PS5. It seems likely that Bluepoint might join Housemarque under the Sony banner, and they aren’t exactly dissuading us of this thought today. During announcements that PlayStation Studios was acquiring Housemarque, PlayStation Japan seemingly tweeted out an image that instead welcomed Bluepoint to PlayStation Studios.

This seemingly now-deleted tweet was seen by gaming news, leak, and insider Twitter Nibellion, who shared the tweet in a thread of screenshots. Seemingly, PlayStation Japan welcomed Housemarque to PlayStation Studios much as the recent acquisition officially announced. However, in PlayStation Japan’s apparent tweet, the image didn’t have the Housemarque logo shown. It had the Bluepoint logo. The tweet has been seemingly deleted since, but Nibel’s thread shows that PlayStation Japan even seemingly welcomed Housemarque despite having the Bluepoint-styled image.

It was probably just an innocent mistake on the part of whoever is running PlayStation Japan’s social media, but it does beg the question. If the tweet did exist and Nibel’s catch was true, why did PlayStation Japan have an image prepped that suggested acquisition of Bluepoint rather than Hosuemarque? There’s little doubt that Bluepoint would be a good fit with PlayStation Studios. Alongside working on the solid remake of Demon’s Souls, which served as a great launch title for PS5, Bluepoint has served up a number of further remakes for PlayStation in the past, including the 2018 remake of Shadow of the Colossus, which was also an impeccable recreation, and before that, the Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection.

With so much close work under its belt, it seems like Bluepoint formally joining PlayStation Studios doesn’t feel like a matter of if, but rather when. And if the deleted tweets shared by Nibel turn out to be true, it looks like Bluepoint may be joining Housemarque at PlayStation Studios sooner rather than later.

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