Shacknews E5: Funko Games showcases upcoming boardgames in the coming year

During Shacknews E5, we talked with Funko Games about the boardgames it's working on this year, including Fast & Furious, The Goonies, and more.


The Funko company has quickly become synonymous with media crossovers and collaborations in its products. Whether you’re looking at the vinyl Pop! figures or the boardgames that the company has been delving into, we can nearly always be rest assured that Funko always has an interesting new collaboration up its sleeve. Such is the case as Funko delves deeper into creating some new and interesting boardgames with some of our favorite franchises, with a treasure trove of upcoming games that are both new and in development throughout the coming year.

With that in mind, we caught up to them as part of Shacknews E5 and the Summer of Doing our Jobs. To that end, Funko Games Marketing Manager Adam Minton was happy to indulge us. He showed off a good look at the new Funko Fast & Furious: Highway Heist boardgame, which features play through a number of scenarios using a mix-and-match of stats with the franchise’s characters and a number of different vehicles to overcome the game’s challenges. More importantly, this game just came out and is available now.

We also got a look at the new Goonies Never Say Die boardgame. In this one, a single player takes up the role of Quest Master as other players take on the role of the film’s classic characters, including Mikey, Mouth, Chunk, Data, Brand, Stef, and Andy, each with their own characteristics and abilities. You’ll be able to take part in nine unique adventures in this cooperative RPG game full of ‘80s nostalgia and it’s set to come out sometime in June.

There are also plenty of new Disney and Funkoverse-themed boardgames on the way so be sure to check out the full video above. Want more? We did a ton of exclusives during Shacknews E5 and there’s more to come. Be sure to check out the Shacknews E5 topic and stay tuned for the latest videos coming on our Shacknews and GamerHubTV YouTube channels.

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