Teardown's accessibility update lets players unlock all tools & levels at the start

The new update to indie voxel heist game Teardown will let you unlock every level and tool at the start and even play with its rules and time limits.


Teardown is a pretty incredible indie game. It would be one thing to just be a voxel sand box in which everything in the environment is destructible and you can do a myriad of things to ruin the area around you, but add heart-pumping heists to the mix and it takes on a whole new level of intense. That said, we understand if intense is too much, and so apparently does developer Tuxedo Labs. In Teardown’s latest update it now has difficulty/accessibility features that let you unlock all levels and tools, and play with the time limits and rules of the main game.

Teardown’s latest update was released on June 28, 2021, as laid out in a Steam developer blog post. Technically, it’s Teardown version 0.7.4, but the topline of this one is definitely its accessibility features. As shown by developer Dennis Gustafsson via his personal Twitter, this version of the game adds a menu in Teardown’s options that allow you to alter the rules of the single-player game to fit your fancy. It includes unlocking all levels and tools from the star, but there’s plenty more you can do too. Have a look below.

Teardown is still in early access on Steam and has been since October 2020, but it has made quite the mark since arriving. Through its sheer amount of impressive detail even if a sandbox of destructible voxels and the heists they’re built around, it won our hearts on the Shacknews Indie-licious livestream, earned Shacknews Best Early Access Game of 2020, and then came back to score our number one pick for the best Indie-licious game of the livestream anniversary. To see the game get more accessibility in addition to all the things it does well already is a welcome surprise.

You can find Teardown available in early on Steam right now. The update is also available as of today, so if you want to see what Teardown has to offer and adjust it to the speed and difficulty that fits you, the voxel world is your oyster.

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