Shacknews E5 - Romero Games talks Empire of Sin DLC & 'The Fixer'

With the Empire of Sin Make it Count DLC on the way, we caught up to Romero Games to talk about the new content and its historical basis at length.


Back in November 2020, Empire of Sin launched out of Romero Games and Paradox Interactive, giving us a Chicago Prohibition Era mafioso spin on 4X strategy and gameplay. It was interesting to say the least and they’re only continuing to expand on it with the upcoming Make It Count DLC. This DLC is going to add Fixer gangster types, loan shark rackets, and a new faction to the game. With all of that in mind, we caught up to the fine folks at Romero Games to talk in-depth about the conception of the new content, its gameplay roles, and its historical context.

Empire of Sin is a game that bleeds historical context and we talked with Romero Games about it all as part of E5 and the Summer of Doing Our Jobs. Make It Count expands it out first with the Fixer gangster type. These new archetypes aren’t just good at make problems disappear with a gun. They also know their way around mediation, negotiation, and, maybe most importantly, blackmail. They bring a strong element to your goon squad in both combat and business.

Speaking of business, Make It Count also brings in the loan shark racket. By setting up this racket, you can loan out money to folks and then put the squeeze on them to pay back. You can be merciless with deadlines, getting your due at the risk of seeming threatening and getting less in return. You can also be merciful and give your loaners time to pay you back, but they might skip town and other loaners might think you soft about payments. Add these interesting elements to further coming content like new faction Meyer Lansky, a financial “Chi-Town Mogul” win condition, and more, and Make It Count is looking like a great top-to-bottom addition to the game.

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