The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes monsters revealed during Summer Game Fest 2021

Monsters lie in wait for those that venture into the House of Ashes at the end of the year.


Supermassive Games has made itself a staple in the horror game genre with its Dark Pictures Anthology. The latest entry in the series, House of Ashes, received a new trailer during Summer Game Fest 2021, which offered some insight on the story as well as the monsters players will be fighting when the game releases later this year.

The trailer for The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes sets the scene with soldiers in a briefing room during the Iraq war in 2003. The person leading the briefing informs the squad that an underground storage facility has been discovered and they suspect that this is where chemical weapons are hidden.

From here, the squad descends on the area, which is where things turn south pretty quickly. They all end up fighting through dim corridors full of eldritch horrors as one by one they’re snatched and killed. As is the theme with these games, it will be up to the player to try and make the right decisions to get as many soldiers out alive as humanly possible.

With a release date scheduled for October 22, 2021, The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes will be here just in time for some spooky Halloween goodness. Keep it locked to Shacknews for the latest announcements from Summer Game Fest 2021 and beyond as we cover E3 2021 and our own, extra special Shacknews E5 2021.

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