Payday 3 announced for PC and consoles, coming in 2023

The Payday gang is getting back together, but it's going to take a while for them to assemble.


On Thursday, Germany's Koch Media was excited to announce its new publishing label, Prime Matter. Over a dozen game developers from around the world will be tied to Prime Matter and one of them is the team at Starbreeze Studios. Starbreeze's first game under the Prime Matter umbrella should be an exciting one to anyone who has followed a certain heisting franchise. Yes, Payday 3 is on its way, albeit not anytime soon.

For the moment, there's very little information on Payday 3. Prime Matter's press release only notes that the next game will be set in a "Hollywood-like environment" and will center around the player's journey to joining the legendary Payday gang. To hype up this announcement, Prime Matter released a lone screenshot, seen in the header above.

Starbreeze Studios had indicated it had wanted to begin work on Payday 3 all the way back in February 2020, noting that the developer was in search of a publisher. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic kicked into high gear, devastating a vast majority of gaming projects. With the pandemic starting to subside in some parts of the world, Starbreeze has officially begun work on its third Payday game and has found a willing publisher with Koch Media's Prime Matter. However, don't look for the game to be ready in the near future, as it's currently targeted for a 2023 release.

Those hoping for a closer look at Payday 3 should probably mark their calendars for this Friday at 12:00 p.m. PT. That will mark the start of Koch Primetime during Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest, which is expected to have more on Payday 3, as well as the other dozen or so games revealed as part of Prime Matter's unveiling. Shacknews will be on the lookout for more from Prime Matter, as well as the many other game publishers and their announcements over the E3 weeks ahead. Keep it here for the latest news and reveals.

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