Starbreeze Studios wants to start developing Payday 3 in 2020

With the relative success of Payday 2 and its DLC, Starbreeze is seeking a publishing partner to start work on Payday 3 this year.


Starbreeze Studios in recent years, having suffered through a failing launch and being forced to give up certain licenses, but one thing that has continued to keep life in the studio is the Payday franchise. Payday 2 and its DLC have continued to deliver for Starbreeze and, having gone through a reorganization in 2019, the studio is looking to put more effort into the franchise and find a publishing partner with which to begin work on Payday 3 in 2020.

Starbreeze recently spoke to the success of the Payday franchise and their intentions for its future in a year-end Q4 report published on the studios’ website on February 11, 2020. While much of the report spoke to Starbreeze’s financial struggles in the previous year, the silver lining was the recent success of Payday 2 DLC released in October 2019, which helped bring in crucial year-end sales for the studio and gave it some of its highest concurrent player numbers on Steam. With the continued success of Payday 2 and content for it, the studio is refocusing its efforts entirely on the franchise and preparing for work on Payday 3.

The success of Payday 2 DLCs like Border Crossing has arguably served to give the studio a leg to stand on through tough times and reorganization.
The success of Payday 2 DLCs like Border Crossing has arguably served to give the studio a leg to stand on through tough times and reorganization.

Starbreeze announced they are currently looking for a publishing partner for their next sequel to the Payday franchise which hopes of finding one rather soon.

“We are engaged in ongoing discussions of a publishing agreement for Payday 3 and intend to present one before the end of the first half of 2020,” Starbreeze wrote. “Payday is the company’s most important brand and we are seeking a good partner that can provide financial stability and possesses the marketing and distribution resources required to power the best possible launch and further development of the product.”

With the critical failure of Overkill’s The Walking Dead, severed ties with TWD rights owner Skybound, and the subsequent selling of System Shock rights to OtherSide Entertainment, Starbreeze was forced to spend much of 2019 in recuperation, but the Payday franchise has continued to keep them going. It makes sense that with much of their troubled 2018 and 2019 behind them, they’d want to turn much of their attention back to what was delivering the most success for the studio at this point.

It would appear we can expect to hear something new on a possible Payday 3 before August 2020 if all goes well for Starbreeze. Shacknews will follow this story as further news and information on the matter becomes available.

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