Shacknews celebrates 25 Years of Quake

25 Years of Quake is a momentous occasion and Shacknews is here to keep the celebration going.


Shacknews has celebrated its 25th birthday this year, which just so happens to coincide with the release of the original Quake. For those that aren’t aware, Shacknews started as a Quake fan site, which means it is only natural for us to celebrate 25 Years of Quake. Below you’ll find an ever-growing treasure trove of content as we rejoice in all things Quake. Go ahead and rocket jump your way into some killer reading material.

Shacknews celebrates 25 Years of Quake

As you sit back and ruminate on the majesty that is the history of Quake, why not take some time to peruse the wealth of Quake goodness we have here on Shacknews? For starters, you could sign up for the Great Quakeholio Tournament 4. Once that’s done, continue your journey down memory lane by reading David Craddock’s, The Making of Quake.

The Great Quakeholio Tournament 4

It’s time to find the quad damage because the Great Quakeholio Tournament 4 sign-ups are here. If you’re a member of Shacknews Chatty and are at least 18 years old, you can enter the competition and fight for your share of the $10,000 USD prize pool. Make sure you sign up, clear your calendar, and familiarize yourself with the game, because the competition is always fierce.

The Making of Quake, Part 1: We are the Wind

What’s better than playing Quake? Reading about how it all got started. In The Making of Quake, Part 1: We are the Wind, you will find an excerpt from Rocket Jump, a Long Read from Shacknews Long Reads Editor, David Craddock. This chapter explores the time after id Software created Doom II and the struggles the team faced in, “defining its next project.” If you like what you read, you can find more in the Long Reads section of Shacknews. Mercury subscribers can also download the Long Reads for easy reading on other devices.

The Making of Quake, Part 2: Degrees of Freedom

Learn more about how Quake came into existence with The Making of Quake, Part 2: Degrees of Freedom. In this chapter, the developers at id Software discuss their muses and dissect the ins and outs of their most advanced game engine yet.

The Making of Quake, Part 3: Coloring in the Map

The next chapter on offer as Shacknews celebrates 25 years of Quake takes a look at the moody soundtrack for Quake, id Software's race toward the 1996 release, and the planned exit of one co-founder. You can read about it in The Making of Quake, Part 3: Coloring in the Map.

25 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Quake

So you claim that you like Quake? Not only that, but you think you know everything about the iconic game? Well, put that to the test with this collection of 25 things you (probably) didn't know about Quake. From introducing players to killing zombies with grenades and the implementation of swimming to an insight about the axe and tele-fragging a boss, John Romero sheds some light on the dark corners of Quake.

Be sure to stay tuned as we here at Shacknews continue to celebrate 25 Years of Quake. Anticipate updates to this article as new parts of The Making of Quake are released as well as other juicy morsels to sink your teeth into. Join us in the Chatty thread below and let us know about your favorite Quake moments.

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