Beloved r/WSB GME investor Keith 'TheRoaringKitty' Gill breaks Twitter silence

DFV returned to Twitter today with a new cat video and the GameStop online community is still rejoicing!


As the GameStop saga continues on Wall Street, many r/wallstreetbets users have taken to Twitter. We saw an influx of character parody accounts since the figurehead of the short squeeze went dark on social media. Keith "TheRoaringKitty" Gill, also known as u/DeepFuckingValue (DFV) on Reddit, broke his silence today with yet another cat video. Please take a look. 

It appears that Keith might be back on Twitter, as he has posted multiple times today to the social media platform.

Here's another tweet that features a video clip of the Rorschach character from the film Watchmen saying, "None of you seem to understand, I'm not locked in here with you. You're locked in here with me!"

Apparently Backstreet's back too.

Gill posted his last GME YOLO UPDATE to r/wallstreetbets all the way back on April 16, 2021, and he has been completely silent across all social media since. That date happened to be the day when he exercised his last call options position and even bought the stock around $150/share in the open market. As of that last update, DFV owns 200,000 shares of GameStop (GME) which are currently valued close to $50 million. 

We compiled a list of our favorite tweets from TheRoaringKitty awhile back. Check that out, in case you missed it. Today's tweet from Keith has some r/wallstreetbets posters hoping the mods will unban the daily GME Megathread, but many of them have moved on to other subreddits like r/SuperStonk and r/GME.

One thing no one knows is why Keith Gill decided to break his silence today. GameStop's annual shareholder meeting is coming up this month, and it is viewed by many traders to be the next major catalyst for the stock. Because the stock's day-to-day movements make very little sense, it appears that today's tweet by TheRoaringKitty has the stock up 10% on the day. 

GME shares are up nearly 10% on the day.
GME shares are up nearly 10% on the day.

What do you think of the massive run in GameStop's stock? Do you think the shorts are wrong? Will the GME board finally provide "Power to the Players"? Let us know in the Shacknews Chatty comments section below. We really want to hear your opinion.

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