Our favorite GME tweets from TheRoaringKitty

As the face of the marginalized retail trader, TheRoaringKitty carries the hopes of many on his shoulders. Here are some of his best GME-related tweets.


Since the beginning of 2021, the wildest news story has undoubtedly been the mercurial nature of Gamestop’s (GME) share value. The story has many players and many angles, with the ultimate conclusion still to come. One of the most prominent faces of this situation is Keith Gill, also known as TheRoaringKitty on Twitter. He is also known as u/DeepFuckingValue on the WallStreetBets subreddit, commonly accepted as ground zero for the battle between everyday investors and the world’s biggest hedge fund managers. 

Gill currently has a portfolio worth nearly $40 million, including soon-expiring call options on GME stock. He can either sell the call options for a handsome profit or choose to exercise the options to expand his total holdings in GME. I wrote a piece earlier that goes into further detail on the call options and what his decision means in regards to the ongoing saga. Gill’s legion of social media followers is excited to read about anything he chooses to stream or post about. In that spirit, we have collected a pile of his best recent Tweets.

Today (April 15)

Several hours after the close of trading, Gill Tweeted a lovely David Bowie cover, signaling to his followers to keep their eyes toward the stars. In less than twenty-four hours, TheRoaringKitty will make a decision to either exercise or sell off his call options for April 16. As he has remained bullish on the stock from day one, it would be fair to interpret this tweet as a sign he will continue to hold steady for future good news. Expect a volatile day of trading no matter how Gill's call options decision goes.

April 12-13

GME stock opens at $158.11 and experiences a tumble downwards to $141.09. Share value stabilizes the following day. TheRoaringKitty shares a combination of inspiration and amusement at the volatile nature of trading on the 12th.

April 11

Gill posts the magic 8-ball emoji along with a multiple-choice poll for his followers asking for advice on what to do with the call options expiring on April 16.

April 7-9

With the preceding weeks of trading seeing GME teeter between $180 and $200 a share, the price experiences a series of drops running April 7 through April 9. TheRoaringKitty offers his audience a variety of reactions, including calls to remain strong in light of late-afternoon volatility. Early on April 8, he welcomes everyone back to the show. At the end of this period, he reassures his flock that the cats are still at the table for another round. The messages in between may carry deep significance (or might just be cat memes…). GME opens at $183.22 on April 7 and closes at $158.36 on April 9.

April 5-6

Trading on April 5 gives swings in value that go as high as $30 per share. By the end of trading on April 6, the ride ended in the same spot it started. TheRoaringKitty posts some gifs of the all-time greatest denials in recent sports history, presumably showing that his side of the fight will continue to work against the interest of those with short positions.

April Fool’s Day (April 1)

Anyone following this story from the beginning has a pretty good idea of what kind of posts we would see on a day known for jokes and pranks. Gill posts a video where he shakes the magic 8-ball and refers to himself in the third person, “Did u/DeepFuckingValue actually close out of his Gamestop positions?” 

An hour later, a roll of the rick variety answered the question.

March 24-31

In the week of trading following the March 23 Q1 earnings call, GME stock took a quick dive down into the $120 neighborhood before making a fast recovery. By the end of trading on March 31, the stock was back in the $200 range. TheRoaringKitty delivers memes of cats on roller coasters, Randy Marsh refusing to admit defeat, and Kobe Byrant refusing to blink. Gill then shares a clip of Muhammed Ali dodging a barrage of attempted punches from Michael Dokes. Those who chose to hold their GME position during a turbulent week after the earnings call were rewarded for their resolve.

March 16-23

In the run-up to the Gamestop earnings call, Gill keeps his foot down on the meme pedal as always. In the hours before the earnings call, he offers up the Leroy Jenkins meme to fire up his supporters. Following the call, we get a lovely Creed Bratton meme implying that Gill hasn’t a care in the world.

February 18

On this fateful day, Keith Gill spoke in front of congress about his part in the Gamestop stock saga. Despite efforts to trip him up or get him to admit some sort of fault, Gill cruised through the hearing with flying colors and even made good on a statement that he was still bullish on the stock by acquiring more shares after the hearing. Predictably, his tweets before and after the hearing were great.

If you are interested in more from TheRoaringKitty, be sure to follow his Twitter account for plenty of memes like you’ve seen above or his Youtube channel for livestreams.

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