All enemy shield types - Destiny 2

Learn the elemental shields of each enemy combatant in Destiny 2, whether they're in normal activities or Nightfalls.


There are a lot of enemies in Destiny 2 and several of them have elemental shields. For those that are planning out a Nightfall run or even those who have trouble differentiating between the various colors, below is a table that lists all enemy shield types. Be sure to refer to this as you’re gearing up for a Lost Sector or Nightfall run.

All enemy shield types

destiny 2 enemy shield types
A lot of enemies in Destiny 2 feature shields. Some of these are elemental and benefit from being taken down with matching weapons.

There are several different enemy factions in Destiny 2 and each tends to have one or more units with an elemental shield type. Knowing what these are, and which enemies gain a shield in Nightfall strikes, will ensure you can tackle end-game content with ease.

Keep in mind that there are unique shields in Destiny 2. These are often white and require some mechanic to be disabled – such as the Praetorian shields in Vault of Glass that must be hit with the Relic. More often than not, these are bosses or found during mechanic-heavy encounters, like Barrier Champions. Take a look at our other guides that may be of interest if you're investigating shield types:

Enemy Normal Shield Type Modifier: Extra Shields
Captain Arc Arc
Shank - Solar
Heavy Shank - Solar
Servitor - Void
Acolyte - Void
Knight - Arc
Wizard Solar Solar
Minotaur Void Void
Harpy - Arc
Centurion Solar Solar
Colossus - Arc
Incendior - Void
Psion - Void
Captain Solar Solar
Acolyte Void Void
Knight Solar Solar
Wizard Void Void
Minotaur Arc Arc
Centurions Arc Arc
Chieftain Arc/Solar/Void Arc/Solar/Void
Wraith - Solar

This information is critical when Match Game is active. Match Game makes it so that it is incredibly difficult to break a shield using a weapon that does not match its elemental type. Ensure you and your team have a good coverage of elemental types to be able to effectively handle whatever Destiny 2 can throw at you.

Anticipate updates for this enemy shield type table as more enemies are introduced or shield types are changed. Remember that Legend & Master Lost Sectors and Nightfalls affect enemy shield types, so plan your high level runs accordingly. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 Complete Strategy Guide for more tips to help you be a better Guardian.

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